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Erasmus+ ambassador

for vocational education and training

The role of the ambassador network is to promote the Erasmus+ program throughout Croatia, to inform about the opportunities that the program provides, and to provide organizations interested in participating in the program as well as Erasmus+ users with practical advice for the most successful preparation of project proposals and project implementation.

Željko Habek is a retired professor, mechanical engineer and president of the Association for Lifelong Vocational Education #STRUKA. In the last 14 years of his work, he has devoted special attention to the education of welders and the creation of favorable conditions at the international level for this globally deficient profession. Thanks to the Erasmus+ projects, Mr. Habek points out that the three-year vocational education of welders and the arrangement of that area was chosen.

In addition to the above, he also emphasizes how, through Erasmus+ projects, they achieved significant respect in the European Welding Federation (EWF) by initiating a solution to the issue of modernizing the system of lifelong education of welders. He considers the title of Erasmus+ ambassador to be recognition of the entire team for the achievements of the projects they implemented. He tries to motivate others to get involved in Erasmus+ projects, emphasizing that if they have an idea, don’t give up, but be persistent because only then will they realize it.

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